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Learn My Secrets to Alleviate Overwhelm, Prioritize Projects, 
& Transform into a Productivity Powerhouse
So You Can Make More Money & Have More Freedom
... All with Less Stress


Here's What You'll Learn ....

Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results. More clients. More freedom. Less stress.


The #1 Way to Reduce Overwhelm, Avoid Confusion & Have More Freedom Forever

  • How to Create a Stress-Free Business. When I learned this secret, it changed my life! I felt like I could finally breathe again. This lifesaving method puts the joy back in your biz. It's easier than you think it is to create a profitable, stress-free business you love.
  • How to Get & Stay Organized, & Even Boost Your Creativity. When you spend a lot of your time trying to remember everything you need to do, and how you did "that thing" last time, you get stressed. And when you're stressed, you don't have any room in your brain to think, dream and create. I'll show you how to create Systems & Procedures so you're not wasting time spinning your wheels.
  • 6 Tools You Need Before You Reach 6-Figures.  Whether six-figures is in your sight, or you are just starting to see the possibility, it's crucial you have these six tools in your toolkit ... before you get there. If you don't, you won't be able to manage your success for long. And, if you're here reading this after hitting the six-figure mark, you know exactly what I'm talking about. These six tools will keep your business running smoothly, even if you're at the beach.
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How to Achieve Success Stress-Free ... 
in Less Than 60 Days

  • Laser Focus on Your Fastest Path to Cash with My 60 Day Plan. This is the same 60-day plan I use myself and that I give to my top clients to help them achieve success. My Worksheet will guide you through creating your own plan every 60 days and keep you on track, month after month.
  • Create a Doable, Kick Butt Action Plan that will Move You Forward with My 3-Step ProcessEleven questions is all it takes to get super clear on where you currently are, what's working, what isn't, what needs to change and the most important things for you to focus on to rock out the next 8 weeks.
  • No More Blind Spots. Have you been avoiding certain truths about your business and how you're spending your time? Do you get easily distracted by "bright, shiny objects" (like the newest social media platform, that hot new coach you just discovered, or yet another program)? WIth my 60 Day Plan, you'll always have a clear picture of what actions are creating the greatest income, what can wait, what support you need and exactly what steps to take next. Yay!
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How to Magically "Manufacture Time" & Get More Stuff Done Without All the Chaos

  • 3 Keys to Taking Control of Your Time so You Can Stop Wasting It on Unproductive Activities (like Cat Videos, and I have a cat!) I love a good cat (or dog, or bird, or sheep...) video as much as the next person. Yet, as entrepreneurs, we always have a much longer to do list than hours in the day. I'm sharing 3 magic ways you can "extend" time by prioritizing what's important, eliminating what's not and getting the support you deserve.
  • How to Squash Entrepreneur 'ADD' and Decide if Something is a "Yes" or a "No"? Networking, social media, marketing, speaking, courses, opportunities, and time-stealers ... galore! We can all get entreprenuer "ADD" pretty quickly. I share how to know when to go for it and when to step away with my 5-Point When to Say YES Process. Plus, how to set boundaries and how to say no gracefully so you become a master of your own time.
  • My #1 Secret Tool + 3 Simple Tricks to Help You Have Your Most Productive Day Ever ... Every Single Day! Get my personal calendar templete that shows you exactly how I structure my day, and week, so you can have razor-sharp focus and feel zen at the same time.
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What You Get in My Jam-Packed Mini-Course
How to Run Your Business So It Doesn't Run You 

  • 60-Minute Audio Training -- I will personally walk you through the entire course during this MP3 recording. 
  • 60-Day Plan Worksheet -- The best Worksheet available to keep you focused on what will help you grow the most. I use it myself and so do my clients! 
  • Cheat Sheet + Action Guide --  My Cheat Sheet provides a quick glance of all the key points in this training. Plus, it includes exercises to help you integrate and implement the material. 
  • PDF Transcript -- Need to refer back to a key point in the audio? Grab the transcript to skim through quickly and get answers to your burning questions.
  • Super Hot Bonuses -- Check them out, plus my money-back guarantee, below. Also hear what clients have to say.
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Client Results


"Elaine gave me the support and way forward with my business, mindset, confidence and business systems."

"The information and tools Elaine provides will set you up with a clear path to a business you love and is aligned with who you are. Thank You Elaine for supporting me at moments where I was ready to give it all up. I am so glad you were there for me."
~ Ellie Isacs, Transformation + Branding Coach-Intuitive, Videsign, Basel, Switzerland



"This program benefited all aspects of my business, especially around organization and implementing systems."

I had very little knowledge about building and maintaining a business. Elaine’s course opened me up to a wealth of practical, tangible and transformational information that I continue to work with and expand upon. This program benefited all aspects of my business, especially in terms of organization, implementing systems, marketing, and expanding into entirely new knowledge and experiences. Elaine is authentic, generous, and knows her stuff. This program, and working with Elaine, is a great investment in yourself, and your business. Got for it!
~ Sacha L. Fossa, Best Sex & Love Life Coach, Sacred Temple Arts, Rockport, MA


Elaine is laser-focused and offers direct actionable steps for your business."

Elaine is laser-focused and offers direct actionable steps for your business. Her years of experience are evident and the support I received was personal and powerful. The program comes with lots of information and I loved Elaine’s MP3. She knows how to help women make progress with their own businesses. I am happy to be in her tribe. 

~ Jane Morba, Photographer, Image Alchemist + Coach, West Milford, NJ



"Elaine is the mentor I needed at just the right moment!"

Elaine quickly got me to think about implementing much needed systems. She is lighthearted and upbeat, but she really gets down to business and pinpoints the next place to go when it's time. "

~ Angela Todd, Coach, FunnerMother, Pittsburgh, PA


Only $197